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A survival horror game where the player can switch the audio-visuals can be switched to allow testing of emotions. Collect all pages scattered throughout a mysterious wood to uncover the story of the ghostly girl who is perusing you. (OR) Collect all the pages and avoid being caught whilst playing tag with your daughter.


  • Swappable Audio-Visuals that allow transition from classic horror game to relaxing collection game at any time. Audio-Visuals can be changed in any combination to explore their relation to emotional response.
  • Large environment to explore with places of interest to position collectable items to encourage exploration.
  • Enemy that moves towards players from different angles to create a feeling of nervousness as the player doesn't know which angle the enemy will come from.
  • Random locations of collectables and random behaviour of the enemy provides good replayability.
  • Harsh difficulty means that it will most likely take multiple attempts to complete game.
  • Driving audio that creates tension and builds the players drive to move and explore.
  • Visuals that play on the visual suspense and uncanny theories, using the strange audio to give context to the visuals.
  • Restricted vision with torch to reinforce player vulnerability.


The player finds themselves in a strange wood from which they must try and escape. The boat at the jetty is broken and sinking and the area is surrounded by seemingly unclimbable hills. The wood feels eerily quiet, and scattered pages around the area tell the story of a ghostly figure of a girl looking for revenge. Is it a girl? Or is it a Daemon?

The player finds themselves in a friendly wood where they have come with their daughter, who wants to play stuck in the mud. You find drawings from others who are here and they tell the story of fun times. Someone has dug a hole to put their coolers. You put your headphones in, listen to some jazz and play.

  • 8 pages are scattered across the map onto points of interest on the area which are randomised so that the same pages do not spawn on different playthroughs.
  • Enemy designed to eerily follow player and spawn in random locations around the player. The enemy's behaviour is based on distance from the player so that it moves towards the player but stops just before the player will be able to see it, so the enemy appears to have suddenly moved infront of the player.
  • Damage is taken from the player if the enemy is within vision distance and can raycast at the player.
  • The more pages collected, the faster the enemy moves and the more damage is taken from the player.
  • Music is in 8 stages of build up to create tension and urgency which build up when a page is collected.
  • Audio-Visuals can be changed in combinations to measure response in the player:
  • oHorror Visuals have restricted vision in the shape of a flashlight with misty shapes around the outside of its beam to draw the attention of the player, unnerving them. The forest is dark and the player can only see a few meters infront of them. The pages are filled with scratchings that tell the story of fear and that the enemy is coming to get them. The enemy looks like the girl from the ring/ the grudge.
  • oHorror Audio is from classic horror audio with bass and non-linear tones with increasing intensity and strange far away sounds to build stress in the player. A beat similar to a heart rate will be used and increased in tempo as more pages are collected. Reference Psycho, Alien and Slender: The Eight Pages.
  • oNeutral visuals have light intensity cranked up so everything on the map can be seen. Sunshafts come through the trees and textures are brightened and look more vibrant. The enemy is a young girl with pink hair who is very non-threatening.
  • oNeutral audio is jazz music with more instrumental layers being added to increase tempo in-game.


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Pretty original mechanic, nice idea.

Nice game! Just did a let's play on my channel! https://youtu.be/_e7_mVFtJcA

Thanks for playing. It was good to see that you found a couple of bugs that I missed too. It was the woman that caught you, it is just a shame that you saw her behind the fence first which caused a bug.